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Faith - Dreams Paranormal Investigations/Research


Welcome to the official site of Faith and Dreams Paranormal Investigations/Research.

We are dedicated to research and investigation of paranormal activity in order to prove that there is life after death.

All investigations are conducted in a professional manner. All our investigations are strictly confidential. Investigations will only be printed on this site by general location such as "store in Albion".

If we want to use the actual owner name this will only be done by written consent.

If you have paranormal activity or seem to feel that you may have experienced unexplained happenings. Feel free to contact us by clicking request investigation page.

We do not charge specifically for investigations. However, depending on locations we do charge for transportations costs and lodging if necessary. We also accept donations in order to keep our investigations free as we do not beleive in profiting off of those in need.

Our office is located in Litchfield, Michigan

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