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Faith - Dreams Paranormal Investigations/Research

Paranormal Terms
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Apparition - Supernatural Appearance. Sometimes referred to

as ghost, spirit.

Aura - field of energy beleived to surround living


Collective Apparition - Ghost or spirit sighting simultaneously by more than one living person.

EVP - Unexplained voices in recordings.

Ghost - Soul or energy of a person who has died. Some

spirit do not know they are dead. Some may have died under

tramatic events, other's feel they have unfinished

business such as delivering a message to someone,

others may stay to take care of or protect someone

do not know they are dead.

Ghost Investigation - Scientifice endeavor to record, commmunicate, capture visual/recorded evidence of spirits.

Haunting - Ghost or spirit to be present in (place) or to

visit a place or person regularly.

Medium - Person with the gift to communicate with ghosts and spirits on behalf of the living.

Orb - A mass of energy in the shape of a ball.

Photographic Apparitions - Ghosts and spirits that you can't see, but appear in photographs after they are developed.

Poltergeist - A type of mischievous ghost supposeldly

responsible for otherwise unaccountable

noises and the movement of furniture or

other objects.

Psychic - A term used to donated a person who regulary uses

or who appears to be especially gifted.

Soul - The spiritual life force or essence of an individual.

Spiritualism - Belief systems that ghosts and spirits can and do communicate with the living.

Supernatural - Something that exists or occurs through some means in any other source than nature or science.

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